• Tuesday's Coffee

    Today we have Riverside Blend, Bali Kintamani and Nicaragua Fair Trade organic on tap. Espresso we have House Blend and Costa Rica Decaf both Mediu...
  • Friday's Coffee

    1. House Blend 2. Bali Kintamani Natural 3. Brazil Peaberry Blend
  • Today's Coffee

    1. House Blend - Full City Roast - 3 days post roast 2. Bali Kintamani Natural City+ Roast - 2 days post roast 3. Riverside Blend - Full City - 5 d...
  • Thursday's Joe

    Riverside Blend is back! Brazilian Yellow Bourbon Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is back too!  
  • Now order menu items online for pickup.

    Please feel free to order online for pickup at the cafe. Please also include the date and time in the notes section of checkout when you would like...
  • Dogs (Please Read)

    Winter is pretty much here guys. If you are passing by with your pup  and would like  a coffee please feel free to let them warm up in the cafe whi...
  • Wednesday's Coffee

    Today we have Brazil Yellow Bourbon, Bali Kintamani Natural and Nicaragua Fair Trade Organic. Espresso: House Blend, Guatemala Decaf Special: Raspb...
  • Rear Parking & Entrance Available!

    We have rear parking available if you are having trouble finding parking on King St.  Also feel free to use our rear entrance too. :)
  • Today's Coffee

    1. Brazilian Yellow Bourbon 2. Nicaragua Fair Trade Organic 3. Brazilian Peaberry Blend Special: Rasberry White Choc Mocha
  • What's brewin Monday

    Today we are brewing Nicaragua Fair Trade Organic, nice mild coffee with lots of body and a nice aftertaste. Bali Kintimani, fruity strawberry and ...
  • TGIF! Today's Coffee

    Today we have House Blend, Bali Kintamani and Brazil Peaberry Blend. This weekend well have Riverside Blend on for espresso. :)